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There’s an issue of the Teen Titans comic book where everybody gets their superpowers swapped. Their reactions and interactions speak volumes about their perceived identities and their friendships.

Y’know. Back when DC cared about characterization.






in the new fairly oddparents movie

timmy turner dies

and becomes a fairy


timmy turner fucking dies

I can’t believe that Timmy Turner is fucking dead.

Why Children's Cartoons Should Be Taken Seriously
Danny Phantom: A 14-year-old boy with an already sucky life gets half-killed by his parents' stupidity, and has to try to keep up with his own life.
Fairly OddParents: A depressed 10-year-old is given a pair of magic fairies to help relieve him of all different forms of child abuse.
The Last Airbender: A 12-year-old boy is given the responsibility of saving the entire world by mastering a decade's worth of mystic skills in under a year.
The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy: Two children of undisclosed ages are confronted by death himself and make a deal with him, and go on a series of adventures in the underworld and are confronted by many deadly mythical creatures.
Adventure Time: The last surviving human of "The Mushroom War" lives in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo with his adoptive brother, Jake, and battles evil and injustice.
How to Train Your Dragon: A teenage boy gives up the approval and acceptance of his father and culture to save the life of the only friend who loved him as he was, and in return loses his leg yet changes his world.
Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby have real nigga problems.


idk if u guys have heard this but this is someone singing the gekkan shoujo op as kashima to hori senpai and its the most beautiful thing ever

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Shinobu’s laugh.

The Portable Psychology Diagnostic and Suppression System or the 45MW.TRG Dominator is the iconic handgun carried by enlisted Inspection and Enforcement officers. The gun is able to determine the identity of its holder, and requires authentication and wireless connection to the Sybil system in order to operate. Each individual gun can also only be heard by its holder.

When the Dominator is aimed at a target, it continuously reads and sends their psychological data (psycho-pass) to the Sybil system for calculation. When this value exceeds a certain level (indicating that the target is mentally unstable, and more likely to commit a violent crime), the gun will then be able to fire. If the level does not exceed fixed levels, the muzzle will not open and a safety device will be activated to prevent the user from pulling the gun’s trigger. The gun is unable to work when it is not linked wireless to the Sybil system in most circumstances.

Before the gun fires, the muzzle opens up to reveal a complicated mechanism inside, part of which is used to read the suspects criminality. When the gun does fire, it lets out a bullet the color of sky blue. It is voiced by Noriko Hidaka. The gun has three modes: The Paralyser, Lethal Eliminator and Lethal Decomposer.

Can you explain to me why everyone hates dubs so much? I know there's a lot of dubs that aren't very well done and lots people say the Japanese voice acting is better but if you're watching subbed it's not like you can understand it anyways. I personally kinda like dubs because its nice to not have to use 100% of my focus it's easier watch but That seems to be a fairly unheard of opinion. It just seems everyone hates on dubs and I just don't get why


I’ll admit it…this is a hipster thing. For the first 10 years I watched anime (the 1990s) subbed was usually the only option. When dubs existed they were almost invariably bad. So I got used to it being one way…now, watching dubbed anime just feels wrong…it feels phony to me. It’s hard to articulate, but I know it’s irrational because even Avatar seems like it should have subtitles even though it’s an American show. 

So I recognize that this is irrational, but it’s not something that I think decreases my or other people’s happiness…so I shall remain firmly a lover of subtitled anime. 

Yes, this. Also, what are some of your favorite series, Hank?

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